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LED Denta light ( Model DENTA 200 ) as an innovation Denta Light used for medical Lighting ,Well solved Rectangle facula requested for denta operation .Has Obsolutely advantage than Traditional halogen Lights .Now more and more hospital ,Denta office used this lamp DENTA 200 .
Product Name:Denta 200
Product Description:

     Denta 200 Features

     Color: World Top3 LED 5700K Color

     Iluminance : 40000Lux

     Size of light pattern: 145X75mm

     Product size: 298X258X207mm  /1320g
  With blue light cut-off ;
  Non-touch On/Off control with IR sensor;
  Non-touch switch between white light and yellow with IR sensor;
  Facets reflector with excellent shadowless light and lighting uniformity
  Very low power consumption, total power consumption 7.5W;
  Long lifetime, no maintenance needed;
  Very bright illumination, max illuminance 40,000 lux;
  Very high CRI: Ra≥90;
  Comply with international standards of dental operation lamp

      ISO 9680:2014  Dentistry - Operating lights
      IEC 60601-1:2005
      Medical Electrical Equipment- Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential

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